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IN67_cover_tweet_BWWorking with a congregation can bring great joy.  Yet, it is also very difficult work.

There are some behaviors which can irritate a congregation and even work to lesson a minister’s tenure with that congregation.

A minister can behave so that his own ministry is undermined and credibility is lessoned.

The following are eight behaviors that can cause a congregation to become irritated with their minister. The continuation of these behaviors over time can even lead to serious repercussions.

1.  It can be irritating when a minister rarely returns e-mails, texts, or phone messages.

2.  It can be irritating when a minister is hardly accessible.  One minister would leave the office for hours at a time and tell no one when he planned to return.  Several assistants at the church felt embarrassed that they had to regularly callers, “I have no idea where he is or when he will return.”

3.  It can be irritating when a minister is irresponsible with his budget.  This person may not keep most of his receipts.  This minister may also regularly overspend the budget connected to his ministry.

4.  It can be irritating when a minister handles conflict by cozying up to his favorite elder so this person will fight that minister’s battles.

5.  It can be irritating when a minister pushes back against any accountability while at the same time having a work ethic that leaves much to be desired.

6.  It can be irritating when a minister won’t communicate with elders and then gets upset when others attempt to express their frustration regarding this.

7.  It can be irritating when a minister refuses to mature.  Consequently, this person displays emotional immaturity while he talks about spiritual maturity.

8.  It can be irritating when a minister will not keep his commitments.  When this person says to a church member, “I’ll call you tomorrow,” the church member knows this call is not going to happen.


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3 thoughts on “Ministry Inside.141

  1. Hi pastor Jim!

    Thank you for your insightful articles! 🙂

    Concerning irritation #4: Isn’t it interesting that some other denominations (Baptist, Pentecostal, Calvary Chapel…) emphasize and even forbid head pastor to confront the straying or troublesome sheep? The reason: If they confront them directly with the problem the sheep might turn against them, therefore they have their elders and deacons to do the “dirty” part of the ministry for them. The picture is taken from real life shepherding where a shepherd has his dogs to bring back straying sheep to the fold.
    I never liked this reduction of deacons and elders to mere technical role in the church whereas the pastors are left alone on their pedestals being viewed as unattainable semi-deity that dwells with God and angels in celestial realities. So unreal!

    Concerning irritation #7: I am not sure what you mean by maturing. How can one refuse to mature? It is a natural process that everyone goes through. I think that is entirely different question if someone is emotionally unstable. Can you shed a bit more light on that question? Thanks!