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erasing-your-VP-mistakesI’ve made mistakes.

Actually I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I do continue to learn.  Recently I was thinking about some of the mistakes that I’ve made that I’m aware of and have tried to grow from.

I have identified five mistakes that I’ve made through the years.  I have attempted to address each one, though I sometimes still revert back to a few of these.  Perhaps you will identify with one or more of these.

1. Far too often I have focused on what I was unable to do instead of what I was able to do. As a result, at times I think I spent far too much time thinking about my limitations instead of my opportunities. Some of my energy was wasted on what I often had no control over instead of what I did have control over.

2. Far too often I allowed worry and anxiety get the best of me. At times that meant sleepless nights while I imagined the worst possible outcomes. Looking back, I am amazed at how long it took me to learn to trust God with my life. Yes, I still slip back into worry sometimes, but I have learned to rely on the faithfulness of God.

3. Far too often I was too worried about what others thought about me or a situation. It would have been more productive to make sure that my character and integrity were sound. While I always want to be a person who is listening and learning from others, there is not a substitute for having a solid core at the center of your being.

4. Far too often I failed to realize that God would use me as a human being, the way He created me. It took me a long time to learn that I was not called to be like this or that person whom I might admire. Rather, He desires to use me with my own gifts, personality, and thumbprint.

5. Far too often I allowed distractions and the pressures of my ministry to prevent me from being fully present in my marriage. I still work on this one. Yet, I am more aware at this point in life when I am prone to do this. This is important. After all, the most important gift that we bring to our work, home, and/or ministry is our presence.

Do you identify with any of these? Perhaps there are others you would put on your own list. It could be that one or more of these might be helpful as you reflect on your own life.

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4 thoughts on “Ministry Inside.140

  1. I appreciate your honesty, Jim. These are great points—all. I’ve also found it essential that we cling to grace when we blow it each day. The adversary would have us hang it up or sulk in discouragement rather than press on and serve in the context of those forgiven. Thanks again.

    • Wayne, thank you very much for your response. You are right regarding the importance of clinging to God’s grace each day – both for our forgiveness and for our holiness. Thank you for your thoughtful words.