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thankful (1)I am very thankful. (Each Thursday I write a post with church leaders in mind. However, today I want to focus on what I am grateful for. Perhaps this will simulate your thinking and even your gratitude as you consider your own life.)

I am grateful for my family.

  • I am grateful for Charlotte who dared to move to Memphis at this point in our lives to begin a fresh new chapter in our ministry. I am blessed.
  • I am grateful for Christine, mother of two wonderful little boys. I can’t imagine a more attentive mother. So thankful for Phillip, a good and devoted husband and father.
  • I am grateful for Jamie, the social worker with such a heart. Thankful for the way she is thoughtful to so many. So thankful for Cal, an unassuming, gracious husband and man.
  • For those whom I’ve known for so many years. So grateful to receive those texts, e-mails, and handwritten notes. I take none of this for granted.

I am thankful for encouragers.

  • For those who make up the Crestview Church in Waco, Texas. Your notes, voice messages, e-mails, etc. mean so much to me. Was I ever blessed to be able to work with such a good church for so long! Thanks to the elders for praying for me recently.
  • For those who were in the men’s groups in Waco. You guys have encouraged me so much.
  • For those whom I’ve known in various settings through the years. Thank you for your encouragement which has given me strength and courage at times.
  • For those who read my blog. I am honored that you come to this place regularly. May you receive some word of encouragement each time you read.
  • For the many good people in the Memphis area. I am so thankful for your desire to communicate your friendship and support. You couldn’t be more welcoming!
  • For those who are partners in some way with Harding School of Theology. I am especially mindful of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and others who in some way collaborate with this work. Thanks in particular to those of you who share in the work of this school through your financial gifts.

I am indebted to my partners in ministry

  • I think of older ministers and other senior church leaders who invested in me when I was a young minister. I remember countless cups of coffee and long lunches with some of you as you allowed me to ask question after question about Jesus, ministry, and the church.
  • I think of younger ministers who honored me by being in a mentoring group. You taught me much in those groups. So thankful for each one of you.

I could go on and on. I am very thankful. I am thankful to God. He is the source of all of these blessings.   Question What are you most thankful for as you reflect upon your life and ministry?

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2 thoughts on “Ministry Inside.133

  1. Hi Jim, I appreciate this post because as I was starting today, I was trying to tell myself to be more thankful and pray how God has blessed me abundantly. This mindset helped me the entire attitude I had for the day so far. I am thankful for many things but I often review what I wrote down a few months ago where I wrote 100 things I’ve grateful for. Would love to share it here with you:

    • Paul,
      I somehow missed this comment earlier in the month. I really like the list of 100! This is very, very good. Thanks for sharing this.