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1. Chris Brogan, who describes himself as “non-religious,” recently spoke of a book he liked regarding the author’s journey from atheism to faith. I have not read the book. However, I think it might be useful for ministers to simply listen to Chris in this video explain why he liked this book. It is very, very important that those who are on the edges of faith be heard. You can find the video and the post by Chris coffee cup (1).jpg here.

2. Porn addiction via the Internet is a HUGE problem in this culture and this includes many people in churches. Recently, radio personality Kim Komando addressed this issue from a technical perspective on her website. (She has a nationwide weekly radio show in which she discusses the lifestyles of those who live in the digital age.) On her website, she addressed some technical issues that might be helpful for those who wish to block adult sites. This can be especially helpful for one who is fighting against porn addiction. You can find this discussion here. (This might be particularly helpful as you work with people who are trying to overcome this addiction.)

3. I like Facebook. Through Facebook I have been able to get in touch with many, many people who I have known through the years, including some people I went to high school with. This has been great. At the same time I realize that some people have used Facebook to develop inappropriate and sinful relationships. You might want to at least be aware of a discussion taking place regarding this. One interesting article is: “Facebook Becoming a Prime Source for Divorce Case Evidence .” You might also be interested in reading: “Facebook Didn’t Destroy Your Marriage” and “Facebook Destroying Marriages?”

4. July is the month that I try to do a lot of thinking about who I am and what I do. Part of what I do during July is expose myself to thoughts/ideas that are stimulating. Right now I am glancing at the many resources available from the Aspen Ideas Festival. (Bob Buford of Leadership Network attended this as he has for years.) You might enjoy looking through their website.

5. This afternoon I spent some time in the Dallas Theological Seminary library and then the bookstore. I find this extremely helpful. For many years I have practiced going into a library and surveying most of their present periodicals. For example, today I slowly walked up and down each periodical aisle looking at the cover of each journal or magazine. I glance at the authors and titles of articles. Often this serves as an excellent snapshot of what is being discussed. As I am walking up and down these aisles, I will see an entire journal or one article that looks especially interesting. I will collect these journals (today there were about 10) and then sit in a carrel either thumbing through the entire journal or reading the article. I do this a few times a year and generally come away with ideas, articles, and some thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “Ministry Inside.11

  1. Love that idea of going to a Seminary Library and catching up on reading periodicals. Subscriptions can be quite pricey! When hubby was still teaching I did exactly that sometimes, but with so much good stuff available on the internet now, I’ve got away from that.

    I enjoy facebook too. I use it mainly to chat with my kids and grandkids when they happen to be online. I think it is vital that parents monitor their kids involvement with these social networks. When it comes to married couples however, I believe that a couple can misuse even good things as an excuse to grow apart. In the broken marriages I have seen recently, it has been been the people themselves who have torn it apart by being self-centered, unforgiving, unfaithful. So sad! It’s good to be aware of the pitfalls!

    • Karin,
      Thanks Karin. I have been very blessed by watching and learning. Some of this watching has been through listening to people and watching themes through various periodicals.