Making Great Memories–Today


I love the Smokey Mountains!  I like to walk along the creeks that run through the Smokey’s.  When we lived in northern Alabama, we went to the Smokey’s on a number of occasions.  Just a few years ago, while living in Texas, we vacationed there again.  One of the reasons that I like the Smokey Mountains is that I have such good memories there.  I have great memories of enjoying Gatlinberg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with Charlotte and the girls.  I have great memories of fishing for trout in a small park with the girls and then eating chocolate late at night that was made that day in one of the local stores.  We rode those bumper cars in Pigeon Forge.  What fun!  Then there were the mornings that we went to a pancake house for a mid-morning breakfast.

I was just thinking–I wish that I could be more conscious of the memories that I am helping to make every day.  If I could do life over, I would like to be more conscious the memories that are being shaped in the minds of the people who I love most.  Maybe one way to make good memories is to focus on "today."  I want to be intentional about how I live "today."

Today–I will enjoy living in the presence of God.  I will make time to read his word, to pray, and to appreciate his gifts.

Today–I will laugh more at home.  There is something about laughing (at no one else’s expense) that impacts the atmosphere of my home.

Today–I will keep my complaining to an absolute minimum.  Why is it that I can be at work all day and look forward to coming home and then start the conversation with one of my children by complaining about a few things that need to change?   

Today–I will look for what is right, good, and wholesome around me instead of what is negative.  It is so much easier to focus on the negative–on what it wrong with the world or what is wrong at home.

Today–I will look for an opportunity to be kind to someone.  In some way, I want to help to lift someone’s load today. 

Today–I will get out of myself.  When I am moody, irritable, and "on edge" at home, I selfishly impact the other people in my family.  Life is too short (and God is too good) to wallow in myself.

Today–I will look for opportunities to appreciate the simple things.  The sound of the creek rushing nearby.  The cardinal that was eating from the bird feeder last night.  The laughter that I hear from my teenage daughter.

Today, God is good and I am still alive.  At the end of the day, I hope that in some way that God has used me to build good memories for someone.         


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One thought on “Making Great Memories–Today

  1. Jim,

    Just wanted to let you know I read your column here today, and I appreciate your thoughts.

    I know I don’t take enough time to appreciate each day; some days, I’m busy trying to rush and complete the day, and I’ve told my kids time & time again to enjoy and live each day that God gives us. I wish I’d take my own advice more often.

    Thank you for writing down your feelings, and sharing with us.