Make Your Home Safe and Significant #2

So many dads and moms seem to feel that they are just not handling things as they would like. I’ve heard the following:

1. “I’m just not a very good mother right now. I am tired and on edge! I hate the way I have talked to my husband and children recently.” Sometimes those who are so hard on themselves are also hard on others – even the people they love.

2. “I feel like it is my fault that my girls could not keep up with their online school this past spring. I was trying to work and was just overwhelmed.”

3. “There must be something wrong with me. My friends posted pictures about backyard projects and a stack of books they have read in recent months. I’m doing good to get through the day. What’s wrong with me?”

4. “Why do I feel so down? I seriously wonder if I am not dealing with some depression.”

5. “I’m so discouraged about my work. I am behind and working from home. I’m not sure I am doing anything particularly well right now.”

Maybe, as a friend of mine suggested recently, some of this is rooted in comparison. Social media is fine but it can be a place where we compare ourselves with our friends.

Your friends may seem happy, productive, and doing so well. They go on trips and are full of laughter. Meanwhile, you look in the mirror and wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”


1. Know that you are deeply loved by God just the way you are.

2. Know that you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. Being hard on ourselves often does nothing but leave us feeling defeated.

3. Know that comparison (comparing ourselves with others on Facebook or Instagram) usually isn’t helpful. Quite often such comparisons only leave us feeling “less than.”

The good news: You are deeply loved by God right now. His love is not based on your productivity, your appearance, your ability to stay organized, or your capacity to juggle all of these balls really well.

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