Lynn Anderson on Staying Fresh

In the video interview below, Lynn Anderson discusses "Staying Fresh."  Lynn has been very intentional about continuing to grow, learn, and develop throughout the years of his ministry.  Hear these words of encouragement.

(This is the final interview in this series of eight videos.  I hope you have enjoyed these.  I was certainly blessed by his reflections.  Be sure to check out his website at

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2 thoughts on “Lynn Anderson on Staying Fresh

  1. These interviews have been very beneficial and I thank you for sharing them with us Jim. To stay fresh I find it very helpful to have the younger folk in my life who ask questions about my faith journey and I about theirs; to work with non-Christians and not feel threatened by some of their challenging comments about Christianity and to come to blogs that have depth and substance.  Oh, I’m not against occasionally reading a blog that is more frivolous, or practical, or a personal diary, but I’m much more drawn to something that encourages and challenges me. Thanks! 

  2. Karin, Glad you have been blessed by the interviews.  I really like what you do intentionally in order to stay fresh.  Thanks!