Lynn Anderson on Loneliness in Ministry

Each Monday, I am featuring a video clip of an interview that I did with Lynn Anderson regarding some issues that are common to ministers and other church leaders. This particular post, however, is one that will speak to many, many people. 

Lynn is the Executive Director of Hope Network Ministries and has a very helpful website called ""   Much of his ministry has been devoted to mentoring and encouraging church leaders and other Christ-followers who simply want to make a difference with their lives.  (You might enjoy looking at his "Swap Shop" which consists of on going conversations on a variety of practical topics related to ministry.)

After viewing this interview, I would enjoy hearing what you think.  Have you experienced this kind of loneliness?  What has been particularly helpful to you?

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4 thoughts on “Lynn Anderson on Loneliness in Ministry

  1. Jesus discipled His men in teams.  We are tempted to become turtles and withdraw into our shells in times of hurt and suffering, but the need is to open up to Jesus and His other men.
    Larry Wishard

  2. Larry– I like your image.  "…tempted to become turtles and withdraw…"  Now that is a visual image.  What you say is so true.  Thanks!

  3. Jim,Good production and subject matter.  For nearly eight years I worked for a church in south central Florida.  The church was so divided no one fellowship anyone else.  The nearest minister was an hour away.  Those were the lonely times and it drove me nuts.  There wasn’t enough reading or blogging that could take that away.  Ministers need other ministers.  Encouragement can only come from another person.Allan 

  4. Allan– That must have been a very difficult time for you.  Hope you are in a better place now.  You are right.  People need other people.  Thanks very much Allan.(Thanks also for the kind words regarding the interview, etc.)