Lynn Anderson on Avoiding the Affair Trap

In this video clip, Lynn Anderson reflects on some practical ways to avoid the affair trap.  (Very wise words!)  Enjoy–and then send a link to this post to someone else.  

Lynn Anderson has been a mentor, encourager, and church leader for many years.  He speaks and writes with a pastoral heart and an obvious love for God.  To know him is to know a person who continues to stay fresh, both in his relationship with God and in his ability to connect with people.  I have been blessed by his ministry and friendship for many years. 

Check out his website "" if you have not done so already.

(Each Monday, I am posting a video clip of an interview with Lynn on a variety of ministry related subjects.  You can read part one here, part two here, and part three here.)

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6 thoughts on “Lynn Anderson on Avoiding the Affair Trap

  1. My father had an affair when I was in high school; of course this was devistating to our family. God is bigger than any of our mistakes though and my parents marriage has been strengethened through the trials of it all. Ten years later and with two of his daughters now married, my father admonishes us to be actively on guard to preserve our marriage. His stumbling block was innocuous enough and has always spoken to me. He always says, "It all began with a glass of water…." A woman simply offered him a glass of water at work, and they enemy used even that tiny entry to bring in destruction.  

  2. Lindsey,Thanks so much for this story.  This chapter in your life must have been so painful.  I am thankful that your parents marriage has been strenthened through these trials.   How wonderful that your dad is admonishing his daughters to preserve their marriages.  I like your dad’s admonition.  "It all began with a glass of water…"  Somehow that has a way of reminding us all that such relationships can begin with some sort of circumstance that seems harmless but may, upon furture reflection, have been the beginning of something destructive. Thanks Lindsey

  3. Hi Jim,Thanks for posting these conversations with Lynn Anderson.  Just today I had lunch with a fellow Christian worker who admitted to having a recent affair.  It all began with the erosion of intimacy with his wife and the loosening of his moral boundaries with a sympathetic co-worker.  The blurring of spiritual feelings and erotic feelings is exactly what happened.  What a tragedy!  I came away from lunch frightened for my own marriage and moral purity.  Lynn’s counsel is timely for me.  I appreciate you, Jim, for sharing these wonderfully wise interviews with us.  They helped me today. Scott

  4. Scott,So good to hear from you!  Your lunch conversation must have been very sobering.  In your comments regarding your friend, I hear several themes that Lynn mentioned. Thanks for the encouragement regarding the videos.  They have blessed me as well.