Looking Back at a Week

gw_weekly_review.jpgFor some time, I have been using David Allen’s system as a system for personal organization.  It is a good system.  I find it useful.  One of the most useful components of the system is the "Weekly Review."  In his book Getting Things Done, Allen writes the following:

If you’re like me and most other people, no matter how good your intentions may be, you’re going to have the world come at you faster than you can keep up.  Many of us seem to have it in our natures consistently to entangle ourselves in more than we have the ability to handle.  We book ourselves back to back in meetings all day, go to after-hours events that generate ideas and commitments we need to deal with, and get embroiled in engagements and projects that have the potential to spin our creative intelligence into cosmic orbits.  

That whirlwind of activity is precisely what makes the Weekly Review so valuable.  It builds in some capturing, reevaluation, and reprocessing time to keep you in balance.  There is simply no way to do this necessary regrouping while you’re trying to get everyday work done.

(David Allen, Getting Things Done, pp. 184-185)

Very true!  Yet, as a person who follows Christ, I also need to use my "Weekly Review" as a time to reflect on my walk with him the previous week.

  • Am I living in his presence each day, living out my life in dependence on him?
  • Am I living in daily obedience?
  • Do I live as if he were my greatest treasure?
  • How am I doing as his steward?  Do my relationships, my use of money, and my moral/ethical life reflect he is Lord of my life?

As a part of this review, I want to look at tomorrow, the next week, and upcoming months with the mindset of Jehoshaphat as he dealt with overwhelming problems (facing nations that wished to defeat him).  I’m thankful to Charlotte for pointing me to these words a few weeks ago.

"For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us.  We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you."  (II Chronicles 20:12)

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5 thoughts on “Looking Back at a Week

  1. Great thoughts Jim. How true it is that we stress over having too much on our plate. I find that most of it is my own fault. Thanks for the encouragement to weekly review. Great stuff!!

  2. How is it possible for you to so effectively encourage and at the same time smack me in the head with a 2 x 4, I mean, so effectively convict me of my need to use the blessing of time more productively in the same post?