Life Group of the Year!

Life_group_of_the_year_1Unbelievable!  Of all the awards that we could receive!  Life Group of the year!  I couldn’t believe it when the e-mail arrived with the attached picture. 

I am assuming that we will bet our award the same weekend that the Crawford football team gets theirs (state champions in football as of last Saturday evening).  Maybe the President will give us our award too.

This is our life group.  A wonderful group of people who have been together as a group since early this fall.  We are taking a Christmas picture (actually Hayden Hendrix is the photographer).

I appreciate this group so much.  What a wonderful group of encouraging people.  I can not imagine this group without any one of these people.  We come together–different ages, different backgrounds, different phases in life.  Yet there is a common bond in Jesus that we experience and a fresh love for one another that must come from God.  We have shared much together.  Lots of joy and lots of tough times.  I have received so much encouragement from this group.

And if you are interested in "Life Group of the Year," you might note that nominations are now open for second place.  🙂

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