Learning to See God’s Fingerprints


I think I am learning to see God’s fingerprints more than I used to.  I saw his fingerprints clearly last evening.  At Crestview, our Sunday evening Life Groups (groups of 15-20 people who meet each Sunday evening for prayer, discussion, and encouragement) came together for a time of prayer.  I was encouraged by the remarks made by George, Mark, D.L., Jeff, and Garvis.  While they were speaking I remember feeling very pleased that I was there.  Their remarks and the prayer time was very good.  Afterward, we all ate Blue Bell ice cream in the new Community Center.  Again, I could see God’s fingerprints as people of all ages and backgrounds just seemed to enjoy being with one another.  It was just one of those unspectacular evenings when I was reminded of what church should look like.

As I begin this new week I want to look for his fingerprints.  Far too often we just don’t notice that God is at work.  Instead we talk about how "lucky" we are.  Or, we speak of how something came about because of our effort (as if we pulled it off by ourselves).  Or, we speak of something that happened because of good medical care or someone’s expertise.  Yes, God does work through these different agencies.   The truth is, however, that every good thing that we receive is a gift from God.

This week–I want to look for his fingerprints as I receive, through his grace, his gifts.  I was thinking a few minutes ago about the gifts that I have received just in the last few days.  I suspect that if you think about it, there are a number of gifts that you have received as well.  I am thankful for what God has been doing…

Several people who offered encouraging words regarding a recent sermon on suffering.

A great friend who called recently and said, "Let’s go to lunch today." 

My daughter who recently suggested that we go see Shrek 2 together–a time to be together.

Witnessing the church compassionatly surround a family in pain recently.

Receiving the most thoughtful e-mail one afternoon.  A guy who just wanted to encourage.

Sitting on a park bench by a little creek recently just listening to the water rush over the enge of an embankment and enjoying God’s creation.

Several friends who invited me to eat with them since Charlotte was out of town.

All of these situations are gifts from God.  His fingerprints are all over them.  I want to begin this week looking for what he is doing through even the smallest gesture.  I want to thankfully receive what he brings my way as gifts.  You might think about this.  What would be on your list of God’s gifts?  Are you looking for his fingerprints?


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