Learn to Get Intentional About Time

We all begin the week in much the same way.  We have 7 days this week.  Each day has 24 hours.  Whether you are sitting in front of a computer all day, teaching first graders, or traveling across the country for meetings this week, each day has the same number of hours.  Regardless, you have 7 days, 24 hours per day.

We begin a new week.  Perhaps you create your own schedule.  Or, perhaps another creates the schedule for you (perhaps you are scheduled to come in to work at 8:00 AM and leave at 5:00 PM).   Regardless, you have 7 days, 24 hours per day.

We don’t have time to waste.  Time used is gone.  No more.  Past tense.

Given these realities, it would do us well to think about how we use our time.  Maybe there are some things you just don’t have time for.  Here are a few of mine:

1.  I don’t have time to waste on things that don’t matter….I have plenty of time for the things that count.

2.  I don’t have time to get moody, self-centered, and irritable….I do have time to love my wife and children.

3.  I don’t have time to wallow in the past at what might have
been….I do have time to focus on what God wants to do in my life

4.  I don’t have time to play self-importance games (Who do you
know?  What kind of house do you live in? What have your kids
accomplished? What are you driving?)….I do have time to build up
others and forget myself.

5.  I don’t have time to coddle worldly, immature Christians whose idea
of church is getting their way….I have plenty of time to love fellow
Christians who may have various opinions.

6.  I don’t have time to be a peace-monger (doing whatever it takes to keep others from getting upset)….I do have time to be a peacemaker (loving people no matter what).

7.  I don’t have time to play it safe.  My life will soon be
over….I do have time to risk.  I can trust God who has promised to
never leave me or forsake me.

8.  I don’t have time to whine and blame others for being
obstacles….I do have time to take responsibility for my own actions
and behavior.

9.  I don’t have time to complain and focus on the negative….I do
have time to speak a word of hope to people who are overwhelmed by

10. I don’t have time to settle for the mediocre….I do have time to be passionate about what matters most to God.



This week choose to put into your calendar some task or action that really matters.  If you are not in the habit of doing this, try intentionally putting such tasks into your calendar or schedule at least several days of the week.



What do you not have time for this week?  What do you intend to make time for?

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9 thoughts on “Learn to Get Intentional About Time

  1. Jim,

    This is really good stuff, in particular come of the language you used, like "make time.". An old boss of mine used to say "you never FIND the time to do things, you have to MAKE the time to do things."

    This week, I will make time to play catch with my daughter.

    Also, I would like to base a message on this in July. I'm not the pastor, just the music guy, but the pastor will be away a Sunday next month, and asked me to put something together.


    – Dave

  2. A lot of things I don't have time or won't make time for fall somewhere under each of the ten points! Excellent!!!
    I also like the previous commenter Michelle's #11. I need to print these out and put them up on my fridge and bulletin boards at work! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! This week I will make time to visit with family and will enjoy a vacation with hubby!

  3. Jim,

    I found this from another blog. I love it. I want to use it too. Thanks so much. You can find me on facebook, twitter.

    Joe Palmer
    a felow preacher/brother in christ.