Last Week

coffee1_th_1.jpgLast week, I was at the National Pastors Convention.  This was my second time at this convention, having attended in 2006.  

What a beneficial and encouraging week.  I heard messages by Phyllis Tickle, Scot McKnight, Charles Colson, Shane Claiborne, Calvin Miller, Ben Patterson, Greg Boyd, Roger Olson, J. P. Moreland, and others.  The presentations were good, thought-provoking, and well done.

I enjoyed having a nice breakfast and discussion with Scot McKnight.  I actually met Scot at this same event two years ago.  I also heard several of his presentations, which were excellent.  His blog, books, and presentations continue to encourage and challenge my thinking. 

It was good to meet John Frye, whose blog I have enjoyed for some time now.  What a pleasant guy!  I also enjoyed getting to see Steve Puckett again, whom I have known for a number of years.

It was a good, stimulating time.  Yet, it was also valuable to get away, think, pray, and once again be reminded that God is much bigger than any issue or any situation that I will ever deal with in my life or ministry. 

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