Last Saturday Evening’s Visitor


Last Saturday evening, our good friends Doug and Dereece were visiting from Alabama. We had run around all day. A trip to Crawford. A run to HEB for meat to grill. Some were looking for a good buy at Steinmart. Finally we were home. Late that evening, Charlotte went to the extra refrigerator that is in the garage. She screamed and we all ran to see what was the matter. There, in our garage was a possum. An ugly, gray, “pointy headed” possum. Jamie climbed on the hood of her mother’s car and yelled, “That’s a rat! A giant rat!” The possum managed to get himself in a corner and was hard to get out. Doug got on a work table and poked it a few times with a broom. The thing openned its mouth, hissed and exposed what looked like razor sharp teeth. Meanwhile, I threw a shoe at it– which did nothing. Finally it ran toward the outside of the garage, did a head fake (making us think that he was going back into the garage) and he took off into the blackness of the night.

I’m sorry but that is one animal that is just ugly. I have no desire to get close to that animal at all. As far as I’m concerned, there is really no place for a possum anywhere within sight.

Somehow, that seems pretty obvious to me. However, I want to get to a place where I really believe that the evil one has nothing to offer me. It is so easy to let him linger (though we would say that we have no intention of doing wrong). A person may say that he/she has no intention of doing something immoral but then the evil one is allowed to linger. (“I’m note going to do anything. I just want to think about it for a while.” Hmmmmm) Meanwhile, when Jesus was confronted by Satan, he said, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written…”

Maybe that’s worth thinking about.

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One thought on “Last Saturday Evening’s Visitor

  1. I pray constantly that I can get to that place and that my actions will invite others to do the same.
    More than that, I pray that our world leaders may always seek that place in their vision for this world. I pray for a peaceful resolution to this terrible war that was brought about by terrorists who seek to take that choice from us.