Just Show Up

MochaYesterday, I was in Dallas all day to do a funeral.  This funeral was for the brother of my sister-in-law.  He was 39 years old and had been killed in an accident.

As the funeral began, I was sitting on the podium, waiting for the time in which I would speak.  The funeral was held in the chapel of the funeral home in Seagoville.  I took a moment to look at all of the people who were present.  There were probably 125-150 in the chapel itself.  There were about 25 in the foyer.  As with most funerals, this was a mix of people.  Some appeared to be by themselves.  Some couples came in together.  Others gathered in groups.  It appeared that many of these people had come from the companies where either this man or his wife worked.

As I looked at these people (I knew hardly any of them), I thought about how important it was that they had come.  This was important for this family. 

There is so much to be said for just showing up

I think this is the way that families communicate their love for one another.  Words are good and even important.  But–just showing up.  Nothing can replace your presence.

It has taken me a while to realize just how significant this is.  Charlotte’s family is particularly good about this.  They show up.  Weddings.  Funerals.  Graduations.  My mother-in-law made trips from Alabama to Texas, in part to see her granddaughters play basketball and volleyball.  Recently, two couples, our wonderful friends, traveled these same roads to come to our daughter’s wedding. 

I know.  You can’t show up at every funeral or every funeral home visitation.  You can’t go to every wedding.  That is true.  But–there are some that we ought to give priority to.  You have to use some
wisdom.  When these events involve family or close friends, it is important to show up if at all possible.

Life goes on.  A new week will begin in a few days.  We are all busy.  Yet, in the middle of all that, I want to remember that there will be times when important interruptions will come.  When these come, it is important to "show up."

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