Just Enough Time for What Matters

facebookI have been on Facebook for about a year.  What I absolutely love about Facebook is the opportunity to re-connect with friends from the past.  In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to communicate with Frank, Gary, Debbie, John, Bob, Debbie, Rick, and today — Stan.  I haven’t seen most of these people in decades.  Yet, re-connecting with these people is a special gift because we share a common history and a common memory.  We were a part of a small Christian school in Dallas.

I have been thinking this week about how short life really is.  When I was in junior high school, some days would seem like weeks.  In some ways, time passes so slowly when you are young.  Now?  Now time moves quickly.  Oh, I don’t feel old or even refer to myself as being old.  Yet, I remember passing a mirror not long ago almost startled by the man staring at me.  Yes, it was me inside this man’s body.  But inside?  "I’m still the boy." 

Today, I realize just how valuable time really is.

1.  I don’t have time to waste on things that don’t matter.  I have plenty of time for the things that count.

2.  I don’t have time to get moody, self-centered, and irritable.  I do have time to love my wife and children.

3.  I don’t have time to wallow in the past over what might have
been.  I do have time to focus on what God wants to do in my life today.

4.  I don’t have time to play self-importance games (Whom do you
know?  What kind of house do you live in?  What have your kids
accomplished?  What are you driving?).  I do have time to build up others
and forget myself.

5.  I don’t have time to coddle worldly, immature Christians whose idea
of church is getting their way.  I have plenty of time to love fellow
Christians who may have various opinions.

6.  I don’t have time to be a peacemonger (doing whatever it takes to keep others from getting upset).  I do have time to be a peacemaker (loving people no matter what).

7.  I don’t have time to play it safe and never risk the possibility of discomfort.  I
do have time to trust God who has promised to never leave
me or forsake me.

8.  I don’t have time to whine and blame others for being
obstacles.  I do have time to take responsibility for my own actions and

9.  I don’t have time to complain and focus on the negative.  I do
have time to speak a word of hope to people who are overwhelmed by

10. I don’t have time to settle for the mediocre.  I do have time to be passionate about what matters most to God.

I would love to hear your response to this.  Is this a familiar theme in your own life?

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14 thoughts on “Just Enough Time for What Matters

  1. Great thoughts, Jim. A perfect Top 10 for the middle of the week. My favorite? It has to be #3. Too many people do that (live in the past), and it’s always counterproductive, whether the past was good or whether it was bad. (BTW, I’m still the boy too. My wife often asks me when I’m going to grow up.)

  2. facebook has been a lot of fun! Reconnecting with friends from long ago, looking at the latest pics from kids and grandkids who live far away and having fun writing quick comments on friends comments.  Some have found though, that this is becoming an addiction for them.  I believe that all things should be in moderation. I agreed with all your things that you don’t have time for contrasted with the one’s you absolutely make time for. Great list! When it comes to being on computer – I don’t spend time reading goofy and silly stuff (not that I don’t have a fun sense of humor), preferring rather to read posts that challenge me, encourage me and provide for me an additional perspective that I may be missing. Appreciate what I read here. 

  3. Hey Jim,
    For some reason, I never can get an e-mail to go through to your crestview account. Just wanted to say thanks for the Lynn Anderson link. I’ve passed it along. Thanks so much for thinking of us out here in Lubbock. I appreciate all your reflection and good resources.

  4. Thanks for sharing this – it was fresh water on dry soil for me today.  I also enjoy facebook – especially as a way to stay connected with my adult/college age kids!  But I have to be sure to set aside time each week for face to face time with friends.  I am a stay at home dad and an introvert at heart – so I have to be intentional about meeting people and creating space for hanging out with them.  Otherwise, my "time" would be wasted on simply "e-friends".  Thanks so much…

  5. Bob– Thanks very much.  You are right regarding #3.  It really is counterproductive to live in the past and yet many, many people do just that.  Thanks for your remarks.

  6. Thanks Karin.  I am glad that you come here and that you comment.  The computer is a wonderful tool for some level of interaction with people who I would otherwise not have any contact with.  At the same time, it could be used to waste a lot of time.  I suppose one has to decide whether the use is adding value to life or just burning up minutes.Thanks.

  7. Jeff–Sorry you have had trouble getting through.  I’m not sure what the problem is.  I suspect it is on our end.I miss you being here.  You are a great guy.  I know you are making a difference in Lubbock.  Good to hear from you.

  8. Dave,Glad you commented.  I am glad that in some way the post was encouraging to you.You are so right about the need to set aside time for "face to face" friends.  While Facebook and other social tools are very, very nice, they are no substitute for being face to face with a human being.

  9. Great observations! I recently joined FB but don’t put much time into it. As for your blog, the transition from 30+ years of preaching to fulltime funeral director in our family owned / family operated mortuary was difficult and challenging, but I am now pretty much where you describe yourself to be. Just never really thought it out and wrote it down as you’ve done. Your blogs are always thought-provoking … makes me wish mine were more thought-provoking but I don’t have time to dwell on that, now do I?

  10. Hummmmmmmmmmm…I do not have much time to read bundles of postings of all sorts; being the fact that i am a single mom making ends meet with my girls , having sole custody of my two daughters…. and daily in Prayer for my brilliant philosopher son Jeremiah "in Hopes" soon to be going back to Oxford, England next year to start to complete his PHD in philosophy/Juris Prudence!  But…..I DO FIND time daily to put into  a certain blog’ site–up in my window of my computer at the Bank daily–my dear beloved teacher Scot McKight–My Knight and Shinning Armour of prayers and delight….oh fun he is….. and his teachings, preaching, controlling, and discipling…..blog’s are good gestures…… when great integrity is wrapped tightly,  and a fondness for others comes first in small packages of course!….great post….i’ll check in more often with yours….smart observations worth acknowledging of too!  "Rahab"

  11. Greg–Thanks so much for your very kind and gracious words.  I appreciate you very much and am so grateful that our paths have crossed in this life.

  12. Rahab,Yes, it sounds as if you have a lot going on, being a single mom and all.  What an important ministry that you have with your girls. I agree with every word you said regarding Scot McKnight.  A very, very fine scholar and writer.