I’m Glad to Have a Television

TelevisionI’m glad to have a television.   Last night, I watched the State of the Union address.  Sunday,  I will watch the Super Bowl (hopefully half-time this year will be a little less eventful).  I grew up watching television.  In those days it was drama, sit-coms, and sports (football and basketball).

When we married, we began a practice that was different from the way I grew up.  We chose not to have the TV on when we were eating.   Not even the sound turned up.  I don’t remember the conversation that started that practice.  I don’t remember the reasoning. (i suspect that Charlotte took the intuitive with this).  Now it just seems normal. 

Now are children are older.  One is in college.  Still, even with one left at home, we try to have one meal each day–together.

It kind of disturbs me when I talk with families who hardly ever eat together.  There are families, who each evening, get their food from the kitchen and head for the television. 

Special times?  Yes. 
Occasionally?  I understand. 
But every day

Families need to be together.  To talk.  To share information about the day.  Most of all, families need to be together just to be present with one another.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad to have a television.  Last night it was great to have to be able to see that scene at the end of the President’s State of the Union address.  He had already recognized Safia Taleb al Suhail, a woman who voted for the first time in Iraq.  Now the President was recognizing a Texas family from Pflugerville.  Janet and Bill Norwood stood representing their son, Bryon, a Marine killed in action in Iraq.  Lawmakers stood applauding this couple when Safia Taleb al Suhail (who was sitting in front of them), turned around and hugged Janet Norwood.  It was a very moving scene.

I was glad to have a television to be able to see that.  Let me encourage you, however, to not allow it to control your family.   Familes need to first , just be together.

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