If I Had Just One More Year

TimeI like June!  Part of my fondness for this month is because I am "out" in July (a few weeks of vacation and a few weeks of study break).  As a result, June is a month in which I do a lot of thinking and praying about the next year (school calender).  I do a lot of thinking about the series of messages that I will preach this fall, adult classes that I will teach, etc.  There is a sense in which each August, I feel as if I am starting afresh.  If feels like getting a new start for one more year.

This morning I was thinking about the next year.  What if it were my last?  What if this was the last year of my life?  (of course–it may be)  But what if I knew this was my last year to live?  What would I do differently?  How might this impact my life and work?

If I just had one more year…

  • I think that I would especially express my love to my wife and children.
  • I would say "no" to some things in my life which do not really contribute to who I am as a person but are taking away time.
  • I would like to think that I would savor each day.
  • I would deepen my prayer life along with the other spiritual disciplines as I get ready to be with the Lord.
  • I would conserve my energy and passion for things that matter.  Why get bent out of shape over things that really don’t matter?  (I would like to think that I would remember that).
  • I wonder if my preaching/teaching would be different?  Would knowing that the end is near impact these messages?  Would I speak and live with more passion, boldness, and more authenticity?
  • I would like to think that I would communicate my love and affection for other family members and special friends.  (It’s easy to go for years and not express that).
  • I would probably have an increasing clarity about what is really important in life.

Of course, I really don’t know what I would do.  I do think this is worth some thought.  Many of us tend to rock along as if we had all the time in the world to live.  It might be good for all of us to think about how we might live if we knew the end was in one year.  I uspect that I would be different.  I suspect the same for you. 

Maybe it’s time to give this some thought–and prayer. 

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One thought on “If I Had Just One More Year

  1. What a great idea for July … often a month when things at church are at a standstill except for youth ministry. I hope it is a great month for you. Will you be blogging during that time?

    The fact that we do not think of our lives as being short is revealing the truth that we do not live as an eschatological people. That needs some tweaking. Even in my own heart.