If I Could Start Over…

Letsstartover_2Yesterday, I sat at the bedside of a sweet, dying, Christian woman who will soon be with Jesus.  I prayed with her, read Scripture to her, and we talked some.  She has been a great encourager to me.

Occasionally, it dawns on me just how short life on this earth really is.  I’ve been thinking this morning, "Given what I know today.  Given the experiences that I’ve been blessed with.  Given the mistakes I’ve made and hopefully learned from.  How would I live differently if I could start over?"

If I could start over, I would pay more attention to what God thinks, and less attention to what people think.

If I could start over, I would care less about what people think and more about whether or not I was loving them.

If I could start over, I would share Jesus more often with people who are not Christ-followers.  I would spend less time pre-judging whether or not they would be interested.

If I could start over, I would hesitate less and initiate more.  At times my momentary hesitation has been rooted in fear and the refusal to risk.

If I could start over, I would try to stay focused on what is authentic and less concerned with keeping outdated and flawed systems maintained.

If I could start over, I would laugh more and complain less.  I would pay attention to the beautiful (whether a child’s smile or the ocean at sunrise) and to the moments in life that bring a smile or even laughter.

If I could start over, I would encourage more and find fault less.  I would spend more energy looking for the good that is around me.

If I could start over, I would be a more patient Dad.  I would not make a big deal out of some things.  I would look for more opportunities to really make the most of our short time together.

If I could start over, I would appreciate what I have more and not take for granted God’s gifts.  I would appreciate my wife, my children, and my friends.

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