I Just Wonder…



I wonder what our churches might be like if we responded honestly and seriously to the following…

  • What if we didn’t care who got the credit as long as God got the glory?
  • What if we told the truth about what was really going on in our lives?
  • What if leaders of all kinds in the church, on occasion, said, "I really don’t know what to do"?
  • What if we had the confidence in the Lord to confess that we messed up?
  • What if we occasionally challenged one another to grow up in Christ? (especially when we are behaving so immaturely).
  • What if we were to talk with the most godly men or women who we know (of your choosing)about our giving each week to the work of the church?  How do you think they might respond to what we are giving?
  • What if we were to play a recording of what we said about one another in conversation the previous week?  Would there be powerful moments of encouragement and affirmation? Or would we hear something else…
  • What if we deplored a divisive spirit as much as the early church did?  Would we handle divisiveness any differently?
  • What if we we were to look at a schedule of time actually spent in prayer and time in the Word of God?  Is our actual practice what we would recommend to the rest of the church?
  • What if we were to begin living as if we only had a short time left on this earth?  How different would we be living?

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3 thoughts on “I Just Wonder…

  1. Jim,
    I started to really compliment your last two entries. But then I thought that maybe that would send a message that I did not think as much of the entries that preceded those. I have enjoyed your tracking your feelings about the wedding. I have enjoyed the other stuff this week, too. I will just say that this site is always worth visiting.
    Cecil III

  2. *smack*

    Dude… I’m hitting my head on this. Incredible insights here… I am totally on the same page.

    I wonder… what would happen if we took out a billboard on the side of the road for Jesus without adding a tag of our local church’s name on it?

    I want the Church to invade the church.