How You Can Mentor Another

mentorThe following post consists of nine practical steps that might be helpful to you if you wish to grow in the ministry of mentoring.  This post is meant to be helpful.

1.  The power of mentoring is in “coming alongside” not in giving someone more information, suggestions, advice, etc. You bring the presence of Jesus. The goal is coming alongside to help that person mature (spiritually, emotionally, relationally) in order to honor God.

2.  Make a list of FIVE people whom you might mentor. (The more specific you are regarding the identity of these people, the more likely you will actually act.)

3.  Pray for these FIVE people

  • Pray for opportunity, an open door with one or more of these people
  • Pray for your own desire and willingness to follow through
  • Pray that you might for an awareness of how to be most helpful to these people.

4.  Consider these possible approaches to mentoring these FIVE people: long term, occasional, seasonal. Discern which one (or more) of these FIVE you need to approach.

5.  How do you need to mentor?

  • Guiding? (helping another know what to do)
  • Challenging? (raising a question about a behavior or decision)
  • Affirming? (highlighting some behavior)
  • Encouraging? (communicating your confidence in this person)

6.  There is not one right format for mentoring. You might consider conversations, phone calls, fishing/golf with that person, Skype, e-mails. Your intention and effort is more important than the venue.

7.  Consider these helpful important questions for the person(s) you have in mind. (These questions invite one to process his/her life):

  • What has been your high/low this month?
  • What has been a challenge for you recently?
  • What do you feel like you have been learning recently?
  • What would you like to change?
  • How could I be helpful?

8.  You can make a significant difference in another’s life. (Don’t unnecessarily complicate mentoring.)

  • Be fully present with that person
  • Pay attention to this person (this alone will help you listen well)
  • As questions that cause that person to process his life

9.  Act. Take a first step.

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