How Will I Live Today?

1.  Today, I can begin by praying that I will love God and love others throughout the day. 

2.  Today, I can take the initiative to call or send a note to that person who has been on my mind throughout the week.  Perhaps the Spirit has been nudging me to respond to this opportunity but I haven’t yet done anything.

3.  Today, I can pause long enough to think about the presence of Jesus in my life which is a reality through the Spirit.  My obedience to him is happening in his very presence.  This is both empowering and motivating.

4.  Today, I can consider some of the inconsistencies in my life and get honest about them.  I want my lifestyle to reflect who I really am before God.

5.  Today, I am going to live with some situations which I really have no control over.   I don’t want to allow these things to discourage and completely defeat me.   

6.  Today, I am alive.  I am still breathing.  I may have problems. I may experience pain.  But–I can thank God for the smallest gifts which I am experiencing because of him.

7.  Today, I can risk.  I can smile at someone while walking through the hospital.  I don’t to worry about whether or not they will smile or speak in return.  As an act of grace, I can smile or say "hello" and perhaps someone’s day will be a just a little bit brighter.

8.  Today, I can choose to enjoy instead of ignore.  The smell of fresh coffee.  The birds eating from our feeder.  The warmth of the sun.  The cool sensation of drinking cold water.  A good sandwich at lunch.  On and on.  These small moments can be enjoyable.  And–I can even thank God for them.

9.  Today, I am loved by God.  He is the one who determines and shapes my identity.  I am more than my age, my weight, my appearance, or my grades.  I have been created by God and I matter to him.

10.  Today, I can choose to be gracious with people.  The waiter at the restaurant.  The man behind the desk at the car repair place.  The receptionist at the doctor’s office.  I can be gracious to these people.  What better way to display the grace of God?

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4 thoughts on “How Will I Live Today?

  1. Yes, today, I am alive… and I am so thankful. In the words of Paul Baloche “You have been so good to me, You have been so good to me, I came here broken, You made me whole, You have been so good.”