How Much is that Coffee?

Mcdonalds_coffeeI stood at the counter and placed my order.  I was at the McDonald’s on Hewitt Dr. in Waco.  My order was simple–"one small coffee" (I always have to remind myself not to say "tall coffee" as per Starbucks–where tall really means small).  It wasn’t busy at the time.  There may have been one other customer at the counter.  The young, African-American girl who waited on me was pleasant.  She took my order and immediately turned around to get my coffee.  I reached into my wallet for a dollar bill.  She then said, "That will be thirty-seven cents." 

"Thirty-seven cents?  I thought it was eighty-nine cents?"

She then looked at me and said words that I had never heard before.  (At least not directed to me).

"I’m charging you the senior price today."

Oh good grief!!!

And then two days later my daughter got married. 


It was a wonderful but exhausting weekend.  But…I feel so thankful.

I’m thankful that our daughter has married a wonderful young man who loves God and is serious about his relationship to God.  There is nothing more important to us (as parents) than this one.

I’m thankful for the people in our lives who love us and show that in so many ways.  I think about our Life Group cleaning up after the reception.  The women and men who worked long after everyone had left.  Those two or three guys who washed all of those dishes. I am so touched by their what they did for us and for our daughter.

I’m thankful for a wonderful experience on Sunday morning.  Many of our family members (as well as Phillip’s family) stayed for our assembly the next morning.  A number of our friends were there as well.  That was a moment that I will remember.  I don’t ever remember being in an assembly where that many family members and close friends were all present at one time, sitting together.  In many ways it was a snapshot of a number of special people who have loved our family through the years.

I won’t be going back to that McDonald’s anytime soon.  The coffee was fine.  I just not sure that I want to risk getting the senior price again. 

So much for that…

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2 thoughts on “How Much is that Coffee?

  1. I’d love to see pictures from the wedding! I wish I could have been there! My mom said it was beautiful though. That’s so exciting!

  2. We hated to miss the wedding — Seth got an ear infection so we were at the doctor all of Saturday morning since he had fever, etc. Christine looked beautiful!!! What a nice wedding…