Help Me God This Week…


To live in dependence upon you.  Far too often I feel like I am still trying to stay in control.  Far too often I exhaust myself trying to make life work instead of putting my confidence in my Father.

To drink deeply of the living water of Jesus.  If you are a parent you’ve probably been there.  One of your children says, "We don’t have anything to eat!  (Maybe after looking in the refrigerator).  You look in the refrigerator and there is plenty of food.  The truth is, he doesn’t have an appetite for what is there.  Jesus has offered me himself and has promised a satisfaction that never ends (John 4:14).  The problem is, my sin may have dulled my appetite for him and so I am looking elsewhere for what only he can provide.

To be a person of integrity and genuiness.
  Saturday, sat in the SBC coliseum in San Antonio (where the San Antonio Spurs play) with 12,000 men and boys at a Promise Keepers Convention.  How encouraging it was to see that many men spend a weekend reflecting on what it means to be a man, a faithful husband, and a Godly father.  Rooted in each one of those roles is integrity.  I was encouraged when former NBA great, David Robinson went to the mic and told 12,000 guys that he does not miss playing professional basketball.  He went on to say that winning a NBA championship is not the ultimate.  Years from now that will be nothing but a Trivial Pursuit question.  He said that what really counts is what God is doing in our lives.  How encouraging! 

To love the people who you bring my way
.  I want to learn to pay attention to the person who I am with, instead of thinking about someone else who I might talk with in the next hour or the next month.  I want to be a much better listener.  It seems like so many people are longing for a listener–someone who will hear and try to understand. 

To keep my eyes on you so that I can see myself the way I really am. 
  Brennan Manning has written a number of great books (start with the Ragamuffin Gospel).  One of his recurring themes is that we are genuinely loved by God just the way we are.  Yet, we often do a lot of posturing and present a false front to others in order to gain their love and acceptance.  The truth is I am not perfect.  I don’t measure up.  I still wrestle with sin.  Before God, I am inadequate.  Yet, the perfection of Christ that is now mine is enough!  In Christ there is no condemnation (Romans 8:1).  Far too often I get overly focused on my lack of perfection instead of drinking deeply of his perfection.  I believe that God wants me to see myself as a person who is covered by the perfect one who now lives in me.

I don’t know what you week looks like at this point.  Mine is going to be pretty full.  I do want to begin my week by getting centered.  The only way to do that is to sincerely utter these words, "Help Me God…"    

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