Guest Writer: Connie Lard

coffee46.jpgThe following was written by today’s guest writer, Connie Lard of Florence, Alabama.  Connie has served for many years as a health-care professional.  She also is an avid reader and a good thinker.  On a number of occasions, I have read her reflections, poetry, etc. and have come away moved and encouraged.


“Lord, teach us to pray…”  Wistful words from an unnamed disciple.  Jesus had many requests from people while He was here.  Especially after the miracles started.  Often the request was for healing, sometimes for an answer to a religious question, or simply for food to feed a hungry crowd.  He always listened intently and answered in a way that was appropriate to meet the needs of the person asking.  But this request really caught His attention.  And, I imagine it made Him pause and smile broadly before He answered, “This is how you should pray…”

We today are no different.  We ask many things of Him.  He listens carefully and answers each of us in just the way we need.  Then, often only after life has driven us to our knees, we make the most important request, the one He’s been waiting to hear.  “Lord, teach me to pray.”  He pauses….. and smiles…..and He answers.

I think, with awestruck wonder,
Of how it all began –
God wanted me to know Him,
So, He became a Man!

It’s quite beyond all reason
That such a thing could be…
I could not go to Him,
Thus, He came down for me.

He wanted me to know His heart,
To see inside His mind,
To discover truths, which on my own
I’d never, ever find.

Because He came to me like this
With many things to share,
Now I can also go to Him –
He gave me wings of prayer!

Sometimes I take these wings,
And I am feeling strong.
My prayer has words all tumbling out
In rhythm like a song.

At other times I cannot phrase
Just what I need to say.
I can only ask Him in,
Within my heart to stay.

I cannot understand it all,
It is too much for me.
I only know I dwell in Him,
And that He dwells in me!

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