Grow in Your Understanding of People (5 Realities)

Yesterday, my youngest daughter called to tell us that her street had just been in a severe hail

I didn’t know how severe this storm was until she sent pictures. Wow! Her car was in the driveway and was just about destroyed. The windshield was shattered as well as the back glass. Hail and broken glass were all over her back seat. There were lots of dents all over this car. Not good.

It doesn’t take the smartest person to realize that this hailstorm will be a major theme for the people in this area today as they deal with broken windows and destroyed vehicles.

If I were traveling to this area to do business today, I would want to get information about this storm and realize that this will be the talk of the city today. I would need to realize that these people may be dealing with some difficult problems regarding their damaged or destroyed property.

I once had a conversation with a Christian leader who I knew to be a very gifted person. He had great organizational skills and is a good people person. In the course of this conversation, he said to me regarding a mutual friend, “He doesn’t do people very well.” I asked him what he meant. “He said that this friend just didn’t read people very well. The person did not have a good sense of timing, appropriateness, or emotional connection with others.

I have learned how important it is to be a student of people.

The following are five realities regarding people that I did not realize when I was fresh out of college and starting my work:

  1. I did not realize how difficult life really is for some people. Some people find it difficult to just get out of bed in the morning. Some people put out great effort just to function in their jobs. Still others find that being with people is difficult and exhausting.
  2. I did not realize the pain that some people live with. I know people who have adult children who are a constant source of stress to their parents. Others have a parent or sibling who is very difficult. Still others live with the memories of a painful childhood, perhaps memories connected with an abusive father or mother.
  3. I did not realize the great personal sacrifice that many parents are willing to make for their children. It is just amazing what parents will do for their children! Some have even put their careers on hold because they thought it was in the best interest of their children.
  4. I did not realize how complicated some problems really are. Not long ago I heard a person make this statement about a particular person: “Well what she needs to do is . . .” It seemed so obvious to this person what the other needed to do. Yet, he had no idea just how complex and difficult the situation had become at this point.
  5. I did not realize how many people are really lonely. Many, many people simply want a friend. A person who is safe. A person who they can experience life with. I have heard this one from both men and women. Yet, many find it difficult to find or be such a person.   

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