Goodbye–Call Me in Montana!


I’m gone.  Getting out of town.  For good.  Had enough.  Good grief!


Do you ever feel like that?   Life can get so frustrating.  I’m trying to decide what to do.


1.  Raise horses in Montana (originated with Charlotte).
2.  Open a bait and tackle shop in the Smokey Mountains (Charlotte’s again).
3.  Open a coffee shop with just the right atmosphere where someone could sit and read for a long time.
4.  Open a retreat center where average everyday people can go for a weekend to get recharged.  (I’ll go first!)
5.  Visit every NFL stadium.
6.  Move to the coast and eat fresh fish each evening.
7.  Fish where they never stop biting!  (ok–I’m not sure where that is)
8.  Eat a giant cheeseburger and polish the evening off with plenty of chips and salsa.
9.  Go on vacation.
10. Watch Monday night football.


Do you relate?  Then– I have an experience like yesterday morning.  Just after our assembly, I met two women and two children who had come over from the local family abuse shelter.  One woman told me she had to leave her home suddenly and all she had were the clothes that she was wearing.  She said, "I wonder if I could have some used clothes." Then with a look of embarasment she said, "I only have these underclothes.  I wonder if you could help me."   


Oh my.  I asked then to wait for me in an empty classroom while I found a wonderful lady who is working with Community Care.  She spoke to them with a lot of care and then acted.


About the time that I’m ready to go to Montana (or any of the other options listed above) something happens that reminds me of how beautiful Christians can be when we don’t get in Jesus’ way.  I am so thankful for this moment.  It was one of those moments that reminded me of the joy we can experience just watching the people of Jesus do what he would do.


Today–Montana will have to wait.

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