God at Work in 40 Seconds

I came across this wonderful video the other day.  What happens when one year is seen in 40 seconds?  Amazing.  This was a reminder to me that God’s work in this world and in our lives is often silent and subtle.  He really does sustain the world he created.  He sustains us as well ("…your right hand sustains me…" — Psalm 18:35).  Knowing this encourages me this morning. 

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7 thoughts on “God at Work in 40 Seconds

  1. That was so cool!!!! In retrospect, after 64 years on this planet, some years have felt like that! LOL! Where have they gone???  Thanks for sharing this.

  2. That was very cool. It’s so true–some years do go by like that. Made me think: it’s not about how much time I have, but how much I do with the time I have. That was a really good video.