Four Questions that Can Bless Your Life

question-markI once heard a former college president reflect on the years he had served the university.  A colleague had recommended a particular person to him to possibly serve in his administration.  The question from this college president was:

“Is she capable of high level thinking?”

That is a good question for all of us.  Are we capable of thinking about those things that really matter?  Do we ask good questions? Do we reflect on important matters?

Do we take the time to reflect on important questions?

I noticed one day that many people were saying it.  Again and again, I noticed that people would say regarding another: Bless her heart.  

Many of us, in the South and southwestern parts of the United States, use this phrase: Bless his heart.

That phrase can be inserted into a conversation at most any time.  One might experience tragedy, frustration or be victimized in some way.  Perhaps one’s home has been wiped out from a tornado. Or a small child may tumble and fall in a soccer game for children.  Again and again, one is liable to hear these words: Bless your heart.

We actually bless our own lives and the lives of others when we take the time to reflect on questions that really matter.  Perhaps high level thinking about our own lives is best seen when we take the time to reflect on important questions.

There are four questions one can reflect on that can serve to bless one’s life.  By dealing with these questions specifically, we can bore into the matters that are really on our hearts.

1.  Who am I when no one else is looking?  (Is my behavior worrisome or even shocking?)

2.  Am I doing soul-work?  (Am I addressing the most important matters of my soul?)

3.  Are there people who will keep me accountable?  (Am I a lone ranger Christian who answers to no one?)

4.  Am I dealing with the unfinished business or wounds of my life?  (Could it be that some of my undesirable behaviors are rooted in unresolved deep wounds from the past?)


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