For God-Hungry People

L._Anderson.jpgI encourage you to get this outstanding book.  It has just come out.  Lynn Anderson’s They Smell Like Sheep — Volume 2 (Leading with the Heart of a Shepherd).  This book is not just for church leaders but is for anyone who would like to learn what it means to have the heart of a shepherd.  The book has lots of moving stories, great instruction, and is very motivating.  I read one chapter this morning and put the book down.  I then began to pray about my own heart.

Here is a brief sample of the book:

Especially in this way, spiritual leadership differs from all other kinds of leadership.  Contrast spiritual leadership with, say, leadership in the practice of medicine.  A medical doctor may take years to learn the principles of healthy living: balanced diet, proper exercise, and ample rest, and thus become equipped to train students how to lead a sick person to health — even if the doctor practices none of the healthy disciplines himself and, indeed, possibly even while the doctor grows sicker and sicker.  Not so with spiritual leadership, however!  Especially in our skeptical, postmodern world.

God-hungry persons are not saying, "Tell me your answers!"  But they are urging, "Share your life with me.  Let me see it.  Are you a person of integrity, of real character?  Is your faith ‘working’ for you?  Is the church you lead an authentic community?"  God-hungry people want to know the hearts of their shepherds.

Anderson, They Smell Like Sheep — Volume 2, p. 9

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9 thoughts on “For God-Hungry People

  1. I’ve yet to read anything Lynn writes that isn’t a good read. Thanks for the heads up on this book. I enjoed the first one, but particularly enjoy his book, Longing for a Homeland.

  2. I loved the first one, and this quote is awesome.  I was just talking with a woman last week who was diagnosed with clinical depression and she was saying how tired she is of people (ie., leaders) saying "all people go through hard times" without sharing any of their own hard times.  This is so critical, and a challenge and reminder to me to be authentic in how I share my life.  Thanks!

  3. Like Wade I did not know this was coming out.  I was really blessed by the "Volume One" without knowing it was vol. 1.   I will get a copy and more than likely a copy for my shepherds. Shalom,Bobby Valentine 

  4. This very much encourages me…..we are beginning a class for those eager to begin a journey and I think God-hungry people want to know the hearts of their shepherds…..that sentence alone brought comfort….it will be a class of God hungry people, seeking people….

  5. I want to thank you so much for this great information.  I thought is first book was a masterpiece. I know I won’t be disapointed with this volume. 

  6. Becky,Glad you found the post and quote to be encouraging.  The book is loaded with much more material just like that.   Thanks… 

  7. preacherman,Thanks for what you said.  Like you and a number of others here, I enjoyed volume 1.  I have really been encouraged by volume 2.