Five Suggestions for Staying Alive and Vibrant

If you want to grow old in a hurry, just keep talking about growing old. aging.jpg

Have you ever noticed?

  • Some people seem young at 70 while others appear to get old at 50. Much of this has its roots in attitude.
  • Some people are always talking about being old. This probably says more about that person’s attitude than age.
  • Some people act as if life is over once their kids are out of college. They seem to no longer have any purpose.
  • Some people never seem to grow up. Their immaturity prevents them from becoming a person who could contribute so much more to their families and others.

A number of years ago, Charlotte and I were guests in a home of some very fine people. This man had experienced a good career and was now retired. We walked into the house and immediately noticed that everything was dated–very dated. I felt like we had gone back in time at least fifteen years. Their children were now grown, yet, there were no recent pictures of them. Instead, the pictures on the wall appeared to have been taken when they were in college.

It was as if time had stood still for these parents.

This same dynamic sometimes occurs with people who are much younger. For example, a guy can sometimes get stuck in his high school years when he played football. He continues to bring up his glory years on the field. No problem with reminiscing. However, he talks as if those years were when he experienced real life.

So how does a person move through life?

1. Be fully present in whatever age you are. Live in the moment. Be careful about focusing on the “good old days” while you miss the joy of being present in this moment.

2. Stop talking about your age as if it were a liability. Many people get tired of hearing others go on and on about their age. Instead, be thankful that you are alive.

3. See aging as the opportunity to grow in wisdom instead of a downhill slide into irrelevancy. Don’t buy the cultural myths.

4. Choose to grow, learn, develop, and try new things for the rest of your life. Such intentional living will keep you more alive and vibrant than spending years passively sitting in a recliner.

5. As a Christ-follower, believe that the best is yet to come. Savor those wonderful past experiences but know that what is to come far outweighs what you have already experienced.

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