Five Characteristics of a Quality Man

man_question_markHave you wondered if there are any quality, young, godly men left?  After all, it seems that the news is constantly reporting the horrible behavior of some man in the world. Then of course, you can talk to almost anyone and they can tell you a story about some man’s sorry behavior at work, his abuse of his own children, or his betrayal of a friend.

Let me assure you, I know some very fine young men.  Almost every day, I have the fortune to have a conversation in person, by phone, or text with a young man in Memphis or in another city in this country. Again and again I am impressed.  As I think about these guys (some of them have been in my mentoring groups and others I know as friends) here is what I see.

1.  They take Jesus seriously.  They aren’t simply trying to create an image of one who loves the Lord.  It is so obvious that they are serious about their own obedient relationship to Jesus as Lord.  Those who know them best describe them as the real deal.

2.  They invest in others for the sake of the Lord.  Yes, they value their friendships but it is much more than this.  They influence their friends for good.  Their friends often say, “I am a better man and closer to the Lord because of my friendship with him.”

3.  They desire to be authentic and genuine as they relate to their wives and children. One can get up close to his marriage and there are no huge surprises.  As I think about several of these people, I am impressed with just how seriously they take their marriages.

4.  They are more concerned about the reality of their lives than their image.  One might attempt to project a particular image, however this doesn’t mean it is real.  For example, one may wish to project that he is gracious and kind to others.  His parents, however, may know him as rude, self-centered, and abrupt.  The guys I have in mind endeavor to be the real deal regardless of whom they are with instead of simply trying to manage their image.

5.  They speak well of others instead of being cynical and suspicious.   Have you ever known people who think that everyone has an angle?  They take nothing at face value.  Instead they assume that people only do the good they do because they are working some sort of angle.

What would you add to these five?


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