Finding the Freedom to Forget


Last night I went to the first night of VBS. Organized pandemonium! I still like Vacation Bible School. I know it’s been around forever. I know that it takes a lot of time and energy. This year it is a volcano theme–kind of a Polynesian style setting. All of that is connected to the love of Jesus. (Ok–so I really don’t know how but I’m sure it happens once you are in class. 🙂 Anyway, these classrooms are incredible. These teachers have put a tremendous amount of time and energy into this. Last night, the kids came, wild eyed and full of energy. I enjoyed just walking around, looking in the rooms and watching the kids.

You know what I’ve noticed about this week? Many of us lose any sense of self-consciousness during VBS. Last night I saw a couple of guys wearing shirts that I’m not sure I would go to Wal-Mart wearing! 🙂 I saw a teacher in costume (I think) wearing a hat full of fruit on her head. I saw other teachers wearing some kind of multi-colored hats with pictures of fruit. There were grass skirts– (over clothes…) and straw hats. It’s funny, but I noticed the adults. After all, kids are not generally self-conscious. We adults certainly are.

Now I don’t have any desire to wear a hat of fruit or a grass skirt. However, there is something about loosing self-consciousness that is very attractive to me. To simply be yourself and not be overly concerned about how you look or what others think. To lose yourself in the moment instead of standing off, unwilling to look “foolish.” (Something that we all used to experience as children).

Think of the freedom!

To worship God with others and not worry about what you look like to others.

To be totally focused on loving another person without wondering what they are thinking about you.

To do good for someone without wondering if they will ever do good to you in return.

To repent of sin, being more concerned about your relationship with God than your status with others.

To practice hospitality without getting wrapped up in what others think about your house.

To be honest about what is going on in your life at the moment instead of protecting your image.

To love others so much that you don’t care what they think about you.

I like the sound of this. It reminds me of what childhood was like. No self-consciousness. No pretension.

Maybe the kids and the teachers with the hats full of fruit are on to something.

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