Fight Back With Joy (Margaret Feinberg)

JoyMargaret Feinberg is a fine author. I have read two of her books and was blessed by both. She has been through a difficult fight with cancer. In her most recent book  Fight Back With Joy, she shares the unexpected lessons she discovered along the way.

Margaret speaks of a defiant joy, a joy that is not disqualified by life’s difficulties and one’s sufferings. All too often, joy is reduced to something that one experiences when things are going well. Consequently, when life is relatively smooth and God’s power and presence are evident in our lives, we may speak of our appreciation for the joy that we are experiencing. Of course, this joy is a gift from God and is very real. Yet, what happens to joy when one is going through a difficult time, a time of pain and suffering? Where is joy when the one closest to you betrays you? Where is joy when you learn that you have a dreaded disease?

What I appreciate about Margaret’s book is that she has written it during one of the most difficult times of her life.  She reminds of the great circumstances that we are experiencing as believers, the abundant grace and mercy of God.  She speaks with vulnerability and with a desire to glorify God through the most difficult season of her life.

This book deserves to be read widely.  Many men and women who are dealing with pain and turmoil will be blessed by this book.  (You can purchase it from Amazon here or Barnes and Noble here.)

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