Enjoy the Lighter Moments


We were driving through the mall parking lot.  The sun was going down and most people were driving with their headlights on.  About a hundred yards away I could see a pick up truck coming toward us in the opposite lane.  The driver flashed his headlights and then swerved into our lane for a few seconds.  Then, he slowly drove past us (we were at a stop sign) and stuck out his tongue.  Stuck out his tongue!  "How old was he?" you ask.  Looked like he might have been 18 or 19.  Now I have been the recipient of various gestures before but I don’t ever remember another driver sticking out his/her tongue.  Jamie and I looked at one another and laughed and laughed.  What else can you do but laugh?

Here are a few things that I recall happening in the last few days that are a little different:

1.  Sunday morning I am near the conclusion of the message when two birds begin to fiercely peck on one of the windows in the auditorium.  These two birds went on and on.  (600 people craning their necks to look at these birds).  I learned later that these two birds had been pecking on those windows for a week. 

2.  I walked into the men’s restroom at church and I could hear in the distance a little boy sneezing.  After his first sneeze he said, "Excuse me!"  After his second sneeze he said, "Bless me."

3.  A few days ago, I fed Jamie’s goat late one afternoon.  (No I don’t ordinarily do that).  It was raining outside and the smell of all of those animals inside the "Ag" barn seemed even more intense.   I walked through the barn with a can of the goat’s feed.  All of the other animals, the sheep and goats, began getting excited (I guess thinking they might be getting more to eat!).  At the goat’s stall (Jamie’s male goat named "Pollyanna"), I bent down to pour the feed into the feed container.  As I bent over, I felt the mouth of the sheep in the next stall grab my shirt sleeve and pull.  I was a little startled at first but then it struck me as funny as I stared at the sheep just inches away.

4.  Not long ago, Charlotte and I had gone somewhere together for the evening.  (I think that was the night that we had the wonderful pizza at the little Italian place downtown, Grazziano’s).  A couple of different times we called Jamie on her cell phone to check in, find out what her plans were etc.  Charlotte talked with her the first time.  Then, about an hour later I called her to talk.  I don’t remember anything about the conversation.  It seemed pretty normal.  A few hours later we were at home and Jamie and her friend Christy arrived, laughing.  Earlier we thought that we had been talking with Jamie earlier but we had actually been talking to Christy pretending to be Jamie.

What if we went through the day and actually looked for little moments where we can laugh?  I know that much of life is serious and even tragic.  I know that there is much heartbreak in life. 

Could it be, however, that God gives us these other moments just for our enjoyment? 
Could it be that these moments are ours to give us a break in a life that can be very intense? 
Could it be that he knows that it does us good to smile and enjoy some moment in the day that is funny?

Maybe just maybe, it would help today if you and I would pay attention to these moments when they come along.  I suspect that there are many more of these moments that appear in our day that we just miss because we are so preoccupied.  Maybe a momentary light moment is actually a gift from God to brighten an otherwise busy and even intense day.  I suspect that paying attention to these moments would do us all good.


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