Don’t Let This Hold You Back

What holds you back?BabeRuth.jpeg

What keeps you from doing what you know you need or want to do?

Maybe you’ve said what I’ve said at times:

If only I had the money.
If only I had the time.
If only I had the right person/people to help me.
If only I had the right opportunity.
If only I could get the right break.
If only I didn’t have this other obstacle in my way.

What about you? Have these been your words?

Far too often, I put off taking action because I didn’t think I was prepared. These were often my words (at least in my mind):

I don’t know enough.

Now if you had asked me how my knowledge was lacking, I don’t know that I could have answered you. Far too often, my thinking was rooted in insecurity and fear rather than a serious assessment of the situation.

These days I’m thinking differently.

These days I ask, “What is the first step that I need to take?”

So often, I have found that if I will take the first step, then I am already down the road. I then have a better idea of what to pray for. I know more about how to trust in God at that point. Trusting God becomes a reality instead of something I think about while I remain immobile.

What holds you back?

Do you simply need to take the first step?

This week, what is the first step that you need to take?

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