Do You Worry?

AnxietyDo you worry?  Do you ever become anxious and tense?  Does stress overwhelm you at times?  I was thinking today about things that I sometimes worry about:

  • Money: Getting our kids through college.  Weddings.  Needed house repairs.  Financial situation when we are "old".  What if one of our incomes is no more?
  • Work:  How will I get it done?  Why do I feel so far behind?  What do I do with frustrating situations in the church?  Sometimes I get tense when I am around people gripping about this or that.  Sometimes I worry about our need for more leaders, marriages falling apart, rebellious people, immature people demanding their way, etc.
  • Relationships:  What about my children and their future?  What about their marriages?  Will they have children?  How will they raise their children?  Meanwhile, what about long time friends who decide that they are now going to divorce? 
  • Health:  What if I get very sick?  What if Charlotte gets sick?  What about our parents?  What will happen when they can no longer take care of themselves?  What if I die first?  What will Charlotte do? 

Sometimes I worry.  I know.  Some of you may look at what I just said and say, "You don’t need to worry about these things."  Yet, I also know that you probably worry at times about things that I don’t.  Simply telling me not to worry is no solution or real help.   Yet, I don’t want to live in anxiety.

What I need when I feel anxious is God.  I need to be reminded that God is a loving and sovereign God who cares about me.  I may suffer.  I may experience discomfort and pain, but God will never leave me or forsake me (Heb. 13:5-6).  I need to hear again about God who not only takes care of the birds and the grass but me as well (Mt. 5:25-34).  This God invites me to trust him.

On one occasion, late one evening, Jamie came into the kitchen where I was paying bills and planning for some long term expenses that I anticipated.  She must have seen some anxiety on my face.  In addition, I probably had some other concerns on my mind besides what I was doing at the moment.  Her next comment startled me.  "Dad, don’t you believe that God will take care of us?"

Gulp. "Uhhh yes"  Hmmmmm.  I needed that reminder. 

Do you?
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