Do You Have Your Friend’s Back?

In the room were ministers from our city.loyalty.jpeg

Our host, a fellow minister, was closing out our time together. We all stood as we were about to pray. The host asked a long time minister, to pray. This minister then stood behind our host, put his hands on his shoulders and spoke these words to that man: “I want you to know that we have your back. I want people to know that when they criticize you and say ugly things about you, they are talking about my friend.” The host was obviously moved at this gesture. We bowed and prayed.

This was a great moment. This was a moment of friendship and loyalty.

The model for such loyalty is God himself. He is faithful. I can count on his promises, his love, and his faithfulness to me as his child. God is not fickle. He is constant and reliable. God is absolutely loyal.

Listen to these words in Psalm 117:1-2:

1 Praise the LORD, all you nations;
   extol him, all you peoples.
2 For great is his love toward us,
   and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever.

   Praise the LORD.

Do you have anyone’s back?

Does your spouse know you have his/her back?

Does your friend know you have her back?

Does your co-worker know you have his back?

Does your preacher know you have his back?

There is nothing like having a friend who will stand up for you. Yet, before I can expect this kind of loyalty from others, I must first model this in my life. I may or may not experience this kind of loyalty from others. However, I can know that in being faithful to the people whom God has brought into my life, I am reflecting the character of God.


Can you recall a significant moment when a friend stood up for you? Can you recall a time when you stood up for a friend? What does loyalty do to a friendship?


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3 thoughts on “Do You Have Your Friend’s Back?

  1. What a beautiful reminder for all of us to mirror the character of God in His attributes of steadfast love and faithfulness. There’s nothing more valuable than a loyal friend as well as a loyal spouse. My husband and I have been through a roller coaster of experiences the last few years, but I am so blessed that we have both remain loyal and faithful to one another. Despite what words each of our family’s might say towards the other, we remain faithful to eachother, united firmly in our love.

  2. Jessica, thank you for this note. What a wonderful gift you and your husband have given one another. There is a kind of loyalty and faithfulness in marriage is quite freeing and energizing. Again, sort of like the faithfulness of God towards his people.

  3. Through all the ups and downs in my life, there have been some key people who have stood by me and supported me with their loving faith. I knew they had my back no matter what happened. When one has to basically start over after a divorce or after being widowed, these people are vitally important in the rebuilding process. I am eternally grateful for their continuing presence in my life. I hope and pray that I can be that kind of person for others.