Do You Have Time to Be Present?

BrodyTractor2Time is so strange.

How can you graduate from high school one year and then what seems like just a few years later be holding a grandchild?  Why do some days seem to last forever (especially when you are sick or a toddler is crying) and then entire years seem to breeze by?

The other day our grandson Brody was at our house.  He and I rode our riding lawnmower (without the blade) around and around our yard most every day.  He sat in my lap and “drove.”  Guess what?  I was in no hurry.

My phone was in the house.  My iPad was turned off.  My computer was in my briefcase.

The last thing I want Brody to remember is that I starred at a screen instead of being fully present with him.

Being fully present meant that I was with him and not thinking about a post, a tweet, a call or anyone else.

Being fully present meant that I wanted to be with him completely.  Yes, even at two and a half years old.

Being fully present meant that I wanted to live an unhurried life with him.

He is home now.  I look forward to seeing him again.  In the meantime, I want to remember that life is not about living in regret at what might have been.  Nor is life about constantly saying “If only.”

Life is about being fully present in the one life that I am living — to the honor of God.



What are your greatest challenges to being fully present with others?


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4 thoughts on “Do You Have Time to Be Present?

  1. Late reply to a good post.
    I am finding myself more and more impatient with people who are constantly checking their phone while in conversation with me. I also realized I was one of those people. I am pulling it out much less and much more aware of being present where I am when with others.

    • Thank you Chris! I suspect we all do this more than we realize. I realized not long ago that I check my e-mail a ridiculous number of times each day. I have really tried to be conscious about how much I do this and have attempted to do this less.