Do you ever feel anxious?


Do you ever feel anxious? At times, I do. Not as much anymore. It is not a pervasive kind of thing. Nevertheless, there are some days when I feel anxiety. Sometimes it comes in the form of worry. Sometimes it comes in the form of imagination where think about what could happen. Sometimes it comes in the form of an inner restlessness. Sometimes it is like a cloud that appears for a little while and then quickly blows by. At other times it is a lingering dark cloud. No its not any one thing. Sometimes I am thinking about my children. Sometimes I think about the church here. Sometime, I feel this when I am just thinking about my life.

You may become anxious about money. Will we have enough to meet our future needs? What about the kids and college?

You may feel anxious about your life. Is this all there is? Isn’t there something more? What if I die and I never really lived?

You may get anxious about problems that are just overwhelming. Your health. Your child’s marriage. The future of your company.

You may become anxious about your past. Why did I waste so much of my life? Why did I do such an awful things? Will God really forgive me for doing something so bad? Why have I failed so much?

I don’t know of a quick fix for anxiety. I don’t know of a way to make it disappear completely. I do know that the Lord is near. He is the anchor who I can hold onto. I cannot control what is happening around me. I can’t fix the problems. But I can hold on to the one who is solid. Only with him can I experience absolute security and serenity. So rather than beat ourselves up for feeling anxious, maybe we ought to just realize that we are anxious from time to time. The good news, however, is that anxiety doesn’t have to be forever (Phil. 4:5-7).

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One thought on “Do you ever feel anxious?

  1. I started getting anxious because I started acting like a hermit. I never used to think so much. Now I just have to force myself to do things.