Question: Do You Enjoy Reading Fiction?

A number of you left comments on the recent post regarding your favorite authors. I found your comments to be very interesting. Several of you introduced me to authors who were previously unfamiliar to me. I also realized that many of you read far more fiction than I do.

On Friday, I read Mary E. DeMuth’s outstanding post, “Why Should Christ Followers Read Fiction?” After reading her post, I concluded that I really should read more fiction. (I would enjoy hearing your reflections on her post).



What do you enjoy about reading fiction?

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5 thoughts on “Question: Do You Enjoy Reading Fiction?

  1. I enjoy many types of fiction, especially well-written mysteries. Some fiction even expresses thoughtful ideas in a way that would be hard to read in non-fiction. (Think "The Shack")

    I've told others, I think students going into ministry should be required to read at least one of the Mitford books by Jan Karon. I found the whole series to be very enjoyable, with good reminders about the need to keep ministry personal.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. I read fiction because I can only live one life, but by reading fiction, I can experience other lives in incredible ways. I see my fears, my tensions, my struggles, my dreams lived out, and I can take solace and strength from that, and find newer and perhaps deeper ways of articulating myself.

    I LOVE Cormac McCarthy — I should have listed him on the last post. The Border Trilogy is incredibly honest. Blood Meridian is a horrifying meditation on evil; The Road and No Country for Old Men are also brilliantly done.

    Orson Scott Card is a special writer. Ender's Game is a must-read, especially for people who feel isolated by how their mind works.

    Wendell Berry consistently moves me spiritually. But like I posted (borrowing from Eugene Peterson) a week or two ago, I think poetry is incredibly important to ministry. God creates with words — poets treat words with ultimate seriousness.

  3. I read little fiction, but have enjoyed several fictitious books in the past. Reading fiction is like opening the blinds in a dark room on a sunny day, it sort of sheds light on the truth. It allows the sun to come in but the blinds are not the sun itself.