Do Others See You as a Good Listener?

What kind of listener are you?  How would your family answer this question?  How would your friends respond to this question?  Do you know that many people are starved for a good listener?  You might enjoy these few minutes (just under three minutes) on "Listening."  (Just click the green button below on the right.)

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3 thoughts on “Do Others See You as a Good Listener?

  1. If you are interested in reading the article, you can find it here.  The author of the book is Daniel Goleman.  The book is entitled, Social Intelligence.

  2. For some reason, when I tried to play the tape on Listening, it wouldn’t work, but here’s my answer.
    My family would say I am an excellent listener, I think! I love to listen to others, more than I like to talk. That’s why I got the Psychology degree, I guess. I love the human mind and intellect and like to try to figure out what people are not saying while they’re talking, if you know what I mean.