Days at the Quiet House

laity lodge_1.jpgA number of you are regular readers of L. L. Barkat’s blog.  Yesterday, she posted concerning her recent trip to Laity Lodge (Thursday – Saturday).  I was at the Wayfarer’s House (also referred to as the "Quiet House"), which is a part of Laity Lodge (Monday – Wednesday).  So, we agreed to post regarding the experiences at Laity Lodge that week.  (While you are reading L. L.’s post, by the way, be sure to make your way to Marcus Goodyear’s blog for a nice post about Laity Lodge as well as Tod Bolsinger.)

While at the "Quiet House" for three days, I read, prayed, and thought.  These three days were refreshing.  In particular, I was refreshed by:


  • Reading Scripture.
  • Hiking on a few of the trails and praying aloud.
  • Reading Scot McKnight’s book A New Vision for Israel.
  • Watching the deer eat, just feet from the door.
  • Hearing a chorus of birds as they ate from the bird feeders.
  • Thinking about things that matter.

Just before bed one night, I picked a book that interested me out of the library.  The book was entitled The Father and the Son: My Father’s Journey Into the Monastic Life by Matt Murray.  Murray, one of the editors of the Wall Street Journal, wrote about his father’s journey into monasticism.  What interested me as I read the book was Murphy’s discipline.  What fascinated me in the book was Murphy’s description of the dynamics of his family.

More later …

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4 thoughts on “Days at the Quiet House

  1. Jim, I love that image of you walking on the trails and praying aloud. I wish I’d prayed (or maybe sung) aloud in the canyon and listened to grace echo into the day.

  2. L.L.–It was a good few days.  By the way, I love the phrase you used in your comment regarding prayer, "… listened to grace echo into the day."

  3. I must do this……This Week; the top three of my favorite reads are…."The Shack" by William P. Young; as well as on the top of my lsit would be that of "The real Mary" by "One t"…ooppss. I mean Scot McKnight; as well as the determining factors of my well known Theological Dictionary teaching of the word called "Triumphalism"  goota love that one; especially if we make grave msitakes, over and over in leadership thinking we’ve given a true picture of a situation; when unjustices, cover-up to major degrees and left oppression on the weak falls into the hands of the Lords Judgements and more….gotta love this word for all it intails of…and keep in our prayers – – Leaders who fail- continual…Books!!!  Love them…they teach us…we challenge, and we ponder…’s fun!!  Than, most of all…we Go To the Lord in Greatness of Prayers….He’s Good…the samrt opne too say the least….Hummmm….Gotta luv "One t"…he’s a favorite …..Woods, a good book, Smart men….and God right by your side; who could need more than that????