Convictions with Humility (more)

Coffee_cup_greenA few days ago, I made a few comments on this blog regarding "convictions with humility."  Some of this was especially for those of us who are a part of Churches of Christ.  It was also for some who might have had some connection with Churches of Christ in the past and now formed a negative opinion.  I’m thinking about the following kinds of people:

  • People like my friend whose mom/dad etc. "was Church of Christ" but now that is a distant memory.
  • People like those who we met in the first church we worked with years ago, who need to hear a word of hope.  We met person after person who experienced personal failure in some way and believed that the church had no place for a person like themselves.
  • People who have been put off by the arrogance and smugness of some churches or individual Christians.
  • People who grew up in Churches of Christ but who have never returned after going away to college or getting married, etc.

As I mentioned the other day, I believe that we need be a people who have convictions but with humility. 

The answer is not just being an "humble" people (or what sometimes passes for humility.   I sense that some people view humility as never forming a conviction about anything.  Everything is just a matter of opinion.  That is a very different view of reality than what one might find in the Bible.  It is wrong to steal, lie, commit adultery, etc.  (much more could be said).  One is not being arrogant in saying drawing such conclusions from reading the Bible.

On the other hand, the answer is not just being a people with "convictions".  Haven’t most of known people with strong convictions but who were arrogant, obnoxious, and close minded to what anyone else might have to offer?

Convictions with humility.

I believe that is our future.  Believing something solid and yet doing so with a spirit of humility.  Humility means that we are confident in our convictions and yet we know that we have much to learn from others as well.  Our future is not in being just another sectarian group that focuses on itself – declaring to everyone else that we are the only right bunch.  Our future lies in centering our lives in Jesus himself, and keeping his mission front and center.

And that makes a big difference in how life works for you Monday through Friday…

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One thought on “Convictions with Humility (more)

  1. Very thoughtful … and deserving of further posts when you feel like it. I don’t think I’m the only one who was taught that the churches of Christ were the only true church, no one else would be saved. It takes years to overcome that catechism. And it takes effort to keep from sliding all the way across the board to the view that we cannot even know what truth is.