Clean Up

Coronado_islandOne of the people in the office came by this afternoon and asked if I was leaving.  "Uhh, not yet."  Then she clarified what she meant, "No I mean going somewhere else to work". 

Then I looked on my floor.  It does look like I am moving.  Piled by the office door is a lot of "stuff" that I am going to take home.  A lot of stuff.  (Hope Charlotte doesn’t read this…)

After Thursday, I will be gone for a month.  Some time for vacation.  Some time for study for the following year.  So–today I started doing what I always do the week before vacation.

I’ve been cleaning out my office all day.  All the drawers.  Getting rid of the stacks of paper.  Putting lots of stuff in the trash.  Finding a few things that I’ve misplaced ("I’ve been looking for that").  No I’m not finished, but almost.  I like the look.  But more than the look, I like the feel to this.

In some ways, cleaning out my office is a picture of what often happens to me when I am on vacation.  I feel the urge to abandon some of the clutter in my life.  I sure don’t want to take on any more.  But in the middle of this, I sense a greater clarity about what is really important in life. 

I would like to know that when my clock stops on this earth, that my time, energy, and passion have been focused on things that matter.

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