Christmas Lights and More

My friend Doug Kirkland in Florence, Alabama just sent the video below. One of a kind! I’ve not seen Christmas lights like these. Below the video is some information from the owner about his lights.

2009 Lights On Merrimac Ridge Animated Lights from Merrimac Ridge on Vimeo.

“Lights on Merrimac Ridge features 43,000 lights, 130 amps of power and 112 channels of light controlling goodness. This year we have a mix of d-light and LOR (Light-o-Rama) controllers running with LOR S2 software. The build time was several months and it took about five days to completely errect the display. Come by our display at:

603 Merrimac Ridge, Spring, TX

The complete show runs 15 minutes and is on Sun-Thur 6pm until 10pm and Fri-Sat 6pm until 11pm.”

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Lights and More

  1. There is a man out here who uses over 100,000 lights and requires the use of both neighbor’s houses for all of the decorations. He also leaves the door open so people can go inside and enjoy the decorations there as well. He gives out tens of thousands of candy canes to the visitors who stop by each season.

  2. Just watched a show on TV featuring quite a number of homes that are lit up this extravagantly! Just totally mind-blowing! There’s an e-mail making that rounds – one house has all fantastic lights and the neighbor next door has one strand outlining his garage roof with a light display which says, “DITTO” and points to the house next door!!