This afternoon we saw Baylor play Oklahoma State (men’s basketball).  It’s been an interesting year.  After all they are on probation from some sorry events a few years ago.  The murder of one player by another.  A coach who chose to lie and scheme instead of tell the truth.  Part of the consequences is that Baylor plays no non-conference games.  Now those other coaches are gone.  All of the players who were around during the much publicized mess are gone.  This is an entirely new group of coaches/players.  Still they have to bear these consequences.  So they played their second non-conference game today against Oklahoma State who had played 14 games.   Uhhhhh-Baylor got beat.


Earlier in the day, I had the opportunity to visit with some of our former neighbors.  (This was during a children’s basketball game at our Church’s Community Center.)  A wonderful couple.  African-American, early 50’s, and Christian.  I’ve noticed that several times since we have moved, I would see them with different children.  They have kept ten foster children in the last four years. Today, they had four with them.  One was playing basketball.


They see caring for these foster children as a calling from God–a ministry.  I felt encouraged talking with them about this.  The joy they experienced in this ministry was obvious.   There is nothing that encourages me more than to talk with people who are giving themselves to a ministry and are finding joy there.


That conversation reminded me of a very special time many years ago.  I was probably seven or eight years old.  A woman and her children began coming to our church.  As I recall, she had about six young children.  I was too young to be aware of the situation or the exact nature of her problems.  What I do remember was that she was going away and needed some people to take care of her children. I remember one little girl who came to our house.  She was probably five years old.  My mother explained the situation to us–that we were going to keep this child for awhile.  It dawned on me that this girl did not have a home–at least a home like the one I had.  Meanwhile, other people at our church began keeping these children.  A month or so later, this little girl began staying with another family in a formal foster care arrangement.  In fact, all of her brothers and sisters stayed with different families in a similar kind of foster care arrangement. 

That was the first time I can remember hearing the expression "foster child."  Today, I heard it again.  I am still reminded there are many children who do not have a home and who need a place and people who will love them.


I don’t want to forget that.

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