“But I’m Busy!”

Busy_street_2Everyone says it: "I’m covered up!"

"What a week!"

"I’m so busy!"  "The phone hasn’t stopped ringing!"

I’ve made these statements.  I suspect you have as well.  We live in a time in which everyone is supposed to be busy–real busy.  After all being busy is a sign that you are competent, successful, able, capable, etc.  The last thing that a person wants to say today is, "I haven’t found a thing to do all morning".

Many of us have jobs that keep us busy, children that keep us busy, and maybe we are busy with our spouses.  There is the house that must be taken care of, the yard to mow, and errands to run.  Then, we add to all of that.  We join…

  • Weight watchers
  • PTO
  • Rotary
  • Junior League
  • Aerobics
  • Yoga
  • Bible Study Fellowship

None of the above are bad.  But then, we help our kids learn to sign up as well…

  • Swim lessons
  • Woodway family center
  • Little league
  • Soccer
  • Off season volleyball or basketball
  • Summer camps
  • Sports camps
  • Piano lessons
  • Other music lessons

Again, none of the above are bad.  But then, if we are not very careful, we start thinking that WE are busier than anyone else.  We block out others while we focus on how busy we are (assuming that others are not that busy and just don’t understand).  As a result:

  • We don’t make the effort to connect with the new people at church.  "We’ve got to go!  The line is going to be long at Piccadilly!"
  • We go to Starbucks (or Target, HEB, or wherever) while our children go to Bible class.  "I’m tired".
  • We continue to add to our harried schedules while gradually pulling away from the body of Christ.  "I’m too busy to teach a class".
  • We don’t consider the lives of other people because we may be so focused on this schedules that we have created.

Jesus had time to do exactly what needed to be done.  He had time to pray.  He had time to listen to the Father.  He had time for people.  He had time to be with the 12.  He had time to minister to the broken.

Are we busier than Jesus?  If we are…We need to take a long, hard look at our lives.

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One thought on ““But I’m Busy!”

  1. Jim, today I made out a calendar of things that the youth need to do for the rest of the year. We have no youth minister. I know upon whom these things are going to fall. Am I crazy! I keep planning new things. I need the discipline to plan nothing and be content in it. That’s hard for me to do.