Bringing Honor to Marriage

wedding1.jpgI heard the story of a father and mother whose daughter was about to get married. They purchased a very expensive piece of 100% cotton stationery. They hired a calligrapher to put the vows on the sheet in permanent ink.

Finally, it was the day of the wedding. In the middle of the ceremony after the young couple said their vows to one another, the minister turned to the audience and said, "John and Amy would like to invite you to witness their covenant and to sign your name on this covenant. By doing so, you pledge to pray for them and to hold them accountable."

People stood in line to sign this document. One person standing in line was heard to say, "Man, they’re really serious about this, aren’t they?"


There is something serious about marriage as covenant or promise. Marriage may be about falling in love, romance, or even the joy of discovering your life-partner. Ultimately, however, a marriage is a covenant that two people, two friends, make with one another. They make a promise to one another and to God. Such a promise made and kept brings such honor to God and to marriage itself.

"Marriage should be honored by all…" (Hebrews 1:4).

(Note: I am not sure about the source of the story in this post.  I may have heard this from someone or may have even read it somewhere.)

How do men and women bring honor to their marriages? What should a person know about the importance of such honor prior to marriage? What has been helpful in your own marriage as you think about the honor of your own marriage?

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4 thoughts on “Bringing Honor to Marriage

  1. that’s weird. i actually did that for someone – wrote their vows in calligraphy with room at the bottom for wedding guests to sign. his mom paid me to do it. that was about 8 years ago. sadly they are no longer together. i think about my part in that every time i see his face.

  2. Jim,

    As Gretchen and I buy our third house together, I am feeling blessed that I can honor her by not only providing a house, but a home. And she does the same for me as she cares for the children and does so many other things. The experience of buying a house together is not just about brick and mortar, but about dreams for the future and memories of almost twenty years since we began a home together. The most important thing to me about buying a house is that she is excited about it. The Lord has been good to us. It just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂

  3. Dianne,

    That is amazing! I had never heard of this before reading/hearing the story that I referred to. Thanks for this.

  4. Wade,
    So good to hear from you. From the tone of your comment, it sounds like you are doing well. Would love to hear about your work sometime.

    Again–great to hear from you.